Anti-Theft Product Specifications

  1. The Anti-Theft system will turn on automatically every time the vehicle shift lever is placed in the “park” position. The system shall not require a key or switch to activate, since quick departures are common in police vehicle procedures. This technology enhances 100% usage.
  2. With the engine running and the Anti-Theft system activated, the automatic transmission shift lever won’t move out of the “park” position.
  3. The engine of a parked vehicle with the Anti-Theft system will be able to start, but the shift lever will not move out of the “park” position as in #2.
  4. The Anti-Theft system shall be deactivated by means of a not easily identifiable covert hidden floor switch system made of rubber material that has no electrical wires to sustain water damage.
  5. The Anti-Theft system shall be simple in design and require minimum time to install by agency personnel. (Less than ten minutes). No specialty tools required.
  6. The Anti-Theft system shall include detailed quality installation instructions and if requested, on-site installation training at the agency facility by the vendor.
  7. Warranty must be at least three years from installation for all parts.
  8. The Anti-Theft system must have proven track record in the field having been in production for at least five years prior to the bid opening date. Names and phone numbers of at least twenty-five agencies using this system must be sent with the invitation to bid.
  9. The Anti-Theft system must have a bypass switch to shut the system off. This procedure is for maintenance situations when civilians are authorized to move the vehicle.
  10. The Anti-Theft system shall provide protection for the vehicle when not running and unattended as in take home policy vehicles. If the keylock is destroyed, the vehicle will still be protected.
  11. The Anti-Theft system will prevent the theft of a police vehicle when keys are lost or stolen.

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