9/29/21 Pittsburg, PA – FBI Agent’s Vehicle Stolen From Schenley Park – FBI Vehicle Found In The Hill District – Glock 19 Is Missing – Massive Search For Suspect And Weapons

September 29, 2021


FBI Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Police are looking for a weapon that was inside a stolen FBI vehicle.

The FBI said the vehicle was stolen around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday from Schenley Park. The vehicle was located in the Hill District around 4 p.m., but officials are still looking for the gun, a Glock 19.

Police searched the area and brought in a bloodhound. The FBI said law enforcement is “devoting significant resources to locate the weapon.”

“It is very rare. There aren’t a lot of FBI weapons floating around every day out in the public. That’s something that is drilled into you,” Larry Likar said.

Likar is a former FBI agent who now teaches criminology at La Roche University.

“You don’t like the idea of your weapon being available now to someone who, obviously, is a criminal, and if that weapon would be used in a crime that makes it even worse,” he said.

Likar said agents usually carry weapons with them and make sure they are secure.

“Usually agents do secure their weapons. But sometimes it can not be secure within a car or the individual who would take the weapon may have had a method of obtaining the weapon like bolt cutters for example going through a chain,” Likar said.

Questions will be asked, and there could be a reprimand.

“If there is any type of malfeasance on your part, you didn’t secure it, you left things open or it was exposed, you could be responsible for that. You could be punished by the bureau,” the former agent said.

The full statement from the FBI can be found below.

“FBI Pittsburgh is asking for the public’s help to locate a weapon that was inside an FBI government vehicle that was stolen around 1:30 pm from Schenley Park today. The FBI, in partnership with Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, is devoting significant resources to locate the weapon, a Glock 19M 9mm, and remove it from the possession of the untrained individual(s) who may have it. All area law enforcement agencies were quickly notified of the theft and are assisting the FBI. Anyone with information should call FBI Pittsburgh immediately at 412-432-4000. No other information is available.”