9/19/21 Baltimore, MD – Traffic Stop Attempt – Driver Refused – Crashes Into Other Vehicles – Bailed Out – Fled On Foot – Steals Baltimore City Police Car – Jumps Out Of Patrol Car And Jumps Into Harbor Water – Captured

September 19, 2021


Baltimore Police are investigating an auto theft that took place Saturday evening in South Baltimore.

According to police, officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, but the driver refused to stop, striking other vehicles in the process.

Officers followed the vehicle at a safe distance until the suspect crashed at the intersection of East Patapsco Avenue and St. Victor Street.

The suspect then bailed out of the vehicle and fled on foot before getting into into a patrol vehicle.

Police say the individual fled the area before bailing out of the patrol vehicle on Fort Avenue and jumping into the harbor water.

The suspect was arrested by officers without further incident.