8/17/21 Independence, PA – Police Call For 4 Men With Guns – Man Arrested And Cuffed In Ambridge Police SUV – Man Steals Police Car – 10 Mile Chase – Crash – Escaped And Later Captured

August 17, 2021


A man who allegedly stole a police officer’s cruiser and crashed it has been taken into custody.

It was an active crime scene in Independence Township after police say the suspect, Shawnquez Redd, stole an Ambridge Police SUV and crashed it in an embankment before running into the woods on Tuesday.

It all started in Aliquippa when police received a call that four men with guns were at the Eleanor Roosevelt Apartments, including Redd. Police responded and three men got into a car, drove away, and crashed in South Heights Borough, Beaver County.

After the crash, police took one man into custody. Another man took off into the woods. Police are still searching for him.

Redd, who Beaver County District Attorney said was wanted for a warrant and awaiting a prison sentence for aggravated assault, also took off. An Ambridge police officer responded to assist in the search for Redd, who was then caught and handcuffed.

An Aliquippa officer and a South Heights officer put Redd in the back of an Ambridge police cruiser. Redd then allegedly stole the police SUV.

Lozier was asked how Redd, who was handcuffed from behind, was able to get to the front of the police vehicle.

“That is going to be the subject of investigation. From what I know, the Ambridge officer did nothing wrong here. Someone else was watching the individual and watching the car while he was doing the search,” Lozier said.

Redd drove 10 miles on Route 151 onto Stone Quarry Road where he crashed the cruiser and took off in the woods. Police used dogs and the state police helicopter to search for him.

Redd was caught near a house off Gringo Independence Road.