7/27/20 Valdosta, GA – Teenager Carjack Kidnapper Tries To Carjack Second Vehicle – Chased Off – Fights With Police – Tased And Tries To Steal Patrol Car – Injures Officers – Captured

July 27, 2020


Police arrested a teenager connected to multiple attempts to steal vehicles which led to kidnapping charges Sunday.

At 10:11 p.m., police headed to the 200 block of West Hill Avenue after receiving a report that a woman’s vehicle had been stolen with her children still inside, according to a Valdosta Police Department report.

As officers arrived on the scene, police received another call about an attempt to steal a vehicle, and police saw cars chasing a man running on West Hill toward Norman Drive. People were yelling that the man had stolen a car, the statement said.

A patrol officer stopped his vehicle in front of the man, who tried to push him out of the way while trying to get into the driver’s seat of the patrol car. The officer was able to grab him, causing the officer and the suspect to fall to the ground in the middle of the roadway, injuring the officer’s shoulder.

As other officers arrived on the scene to assist in detaining the suspect, he fought with officers, police said. One officer used a taser on the suspect, but to no effect, the statement said.

He continued to fight with several officers while they took him into custody, biting two officers during the struggle, causing minor injuries, the police statement said

While being taken to jail, the man damaged the patrol car by kicking the windows and striking them with his head, police said.

Through investigation, officers determined a man pulled a woman from her vehicle by grabbing her around the head and neck, then drove off in her vehicle while her three adult children were still in the vehicle, police said. 

The suspect wrecked the vehicle while trying to get on Interstate 75, then ran on foot and approached another woman at a gas station, who was pumping gas into her truck while her 7-month-old child was in the back seat. 

He beat on her truck, damaging it while demanding that she give him her truck. When he was not successful in getting her truck, the suspect began to run while victims and witnesses chased him until officers were able to stop him, the police statement said.

Francisco Flores, 17, of Savannah is charged with felony motor vehicle theft, four felony counts of kidnapping, two felony counts of criminal attempt to commit motor vehicle theft, felony criminal attempt to commit kidnapping, three counts of felony obstruction on a law enforcement officer, felony interference with government property, misdemeanor criminal trespass vandalism and traffic offenses, according to the police report.

“We are appreciative of the assistance of citizens who assisted us in locating this offender. We are also so thankful that no innocent citizens were hurt, and Flores was not successful in kidnapping the 7-month-old. I am proud of our officers’ quick response, and their determination to hold Flores accountable for his actions,” VPD Police Chief Leslie Manahan said in a statement.