6/9/20 Forest Park, IL – Woman Flags Down Police Car – Officer Tries To Assist Her – She Grabbed The Officer – Dragged The Officer – Woman Tased – She Tried To Steal The Police Car Fighting – Other Officers Assisted Handcuffing Her

June 9, 2020


A woman waved down a squad car and then attacked the officer in an attempt to gain access to the vehicle on June 1 at 9:15 p.m. The officer was driving on the 7500 block of Roosevelt Road and stopped upon seeing a woman waving her hand for help. The woman spoke to the officer, saying she needed to get home but refused to say where she lived or exactly what kind of assistance she needed.

When the woman got close to the driver’s side window, the officer asked her to take a few steps back, which she did, but not immediately. She then stood in the middle of the street while cars drove by

The officer got out to assist the woman, who grabbed the officer’s arms, dragging the officer away from the vehicle, “attempting to gain access to it.”

When the woman approached the vehicle, the officer restrained her, but the woman kept fighting, “making continuous effort to gain access to the vehicle.”

The officer pushed her away and deployed a taser cartridge, firing darts at the offender. They struck the woman’s upper back and, because she was wearing two jackets, were only partially effective.

Two more officers arrived at the scene, and it took several moments, with the woman struggling and resisting, for them to successfully handcuff her. She was transported to the police department and charged with battery and resisting arrest.