6/6/24 Glen Lyon, PA – Report Of A Man With A Gun Call – A Witness Was In The Police Cruiser When The Suspect Stole It – Police Chase – Suspect Almost Ran Over Two Police Officers – Abandoned The Cruiser With The Witness Inside – Found The Next Day After Massive Search

June 6, 2024


Heavy police activity throughout Glen Lyon Monday afternoon as authorities search for a suspect ends in an arrest, investigators say.

According to Newport Township Police, multiple agencies were conducting an investigation into a report of a man with a gun around 2:00 a.m. Monday on Orchard Street.

Through further investigation, officers said they learned a man wearing a hockey mask had broken into a woman’s home and assaulted the victim by hitting her face multiple times with a gun.

The victim claimed the man began to strangle her, demanded narcotics, threatened to kill the victim’s son, and fled the scene, according to court documents. A witness to the assault was pulled over in a traffic stop and identified the suspect as Joshua Goodwin.

Arrest made after Edwardsville drive-by shooting

The witness was brought back to Orchard Street and once investigators determined she had nothing to do with the assault they drove her back to her car, officers stated. While on the way back to the witness’ car Goodwin’s vehicle was spotted in the parking lot of Ken Polloack Apartments.

Police say they pulled over, and Godowin was able to evade officers, stealing the police cruiser with the witness in the back seat. A chase began and at one point Goodwin almost ran over two officers in the stolen police cruiser, as stated in the affidavit.

Eventually, Goodwin abandoned the cruiser with the witness inside, and a search for Goodwin was underway, investigators reported.

Around 12:30 p.m. Monday, police say they continued the search for Goodwin in an area behind the Ken Pollock Apartments that involved multiple agencies and a helicopter flying around the Glen Lyon area.

Goodwin was arrested sometime Monday afternoon however investigators have yet to say when and how he was arrested.