6/4/20 Dayton, OH – Inmate Steals Montgomery County Police Cruiser From Hospital And Strikes / Injures Deputy – Police Cruiser Crashed – Inmate Captured By Dayton Police

June 4, 2020


A Montgomery County Jail inmate who stole a county jail transport car after apparently overpowering a deputy, is in custody after a brief attempt at a getaway.

The inmate was being taken from Grandview Medical Center back to the jail when the incident occurred, Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Daryl Wilson said.

“Somehow, the inmate was able to steal one of our cruisers, and strike our deputy with that cruiser, prior to it being found,” Wilson said.

The report about the stolen vehicle, a Montgomery County Jail Division sedan, was made just after 5 p.m. According to unconfirmed communications from Montgomery County Regional Dispatch, the prisoner took the older model Ford Crown Victoria from the deputy, who was then hit by the vehicle.

The deputy, who has not been identified by name, was picked up by Dayton police and taken to Miami Valley Hospital. His condition is not known.

“I’m hoping our deputy is fine,” Wilson said.

The stolen vehicle was last seen on the city’s west side, on Helena Street headed toward North Main Street, until an accident was reported at West Mumma Avenue and North Main Street about 5:43 p.m.

The prisoner was captured just after that accident, which Dayton Police Lt. Steven Bauer said occurred when a civilian vehicle crossed the double-yellow line on North Main and collided with a Dayton police SUV racing to get to the stolen county jail transport car. One police officer suffered minor injuries and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital.

There was no information on the person or persons in the black sedan that hit the Dayton police vehicle.

Wilson said the inmate was being questioned Wednesday evening before being returned to jail.