5/9/20 Regina, Can. – Man Smashing Windows With Rebar – Runs And Tries To Steal Regina Patrol Car – He Puts It In Gear And Tased Twice – Tased 2 More Times – Captured – Arrested

May 9, 2020


Being Tasered twice didn’t stop a man from getting into a Regina police cruiser and trying to put it into drive, say officials.

On Friday, just before noon, officers were in the area of Lorne Street and 11th Avenue because a man was allegedly smashing windows with steel rebar.

Police say they “verbally challenged” the man to drop the rebar, which he did at first, but then he picked it back up and swung at officers.

A Taser was used on the man but it was ineffective.

“After swinging the rebar at police again, the male hit the police vehicle, breaking the windshield,” the Regina Police Service (RPS) said in a statement.

As the man went to hit the vehicle a second time with the rebar, police Tasered him again, but for the second time it was ineffective, say police.

“The male then dropped the rebar and entered the police vehicle and attempted to put the vehicle in gear,” the RPS said.

Police Tasered the man for a third time, but again it was ineffective.

Following a struggle between the man and police, the suspect was removed from the police car. He was Tasered a fourth time “with successful results” and he was placed in handcuffs and was arrested, officials said.

Ben Aaron Jaarsma, 31, was charged with 14 counts of mischief, attempt theft of a motor vehicle and assault of a police officer with a weapon.

EMS had examined Jaarsma before he was taken into custody. Police say he sustained minor injuries.