4/8/20 Whippoorwill, AZ – Two Suspects Detained In Back Of Navajo Police Vehicle – Several Shots Were Heard From Cruiser – Suspects Drove Off In Police Vehicle – Both Suspects And A Weapon Were Recovered

April 8, 2020


It was a wild early Wednesday morning on the Navajo Nation after two men stole a Navajo Police Department vehicle in Whippoorwill. An officer was responding to a call at milepost 28 on Navajo Route 4 at around 3:52 a.m. In response to the call, two men, 18-year-old Jessie Nez from Whippoorwill and 20-year-old Harold Lee Junior from Pinon, were handcuffed and detained in the prisoner compartment of the vehicle. While away from the vehicle, the officer heard loud noises coming from the cruiser and it drove off. Several shots were heard, possibly fired from the officer’s rifle. After a search, the men and the weapon were recovered. No officers were injured in the exchange. There’s no word on why the two were taken into custody initially.