4/19/22 Hebron, CT – Tow Truck Stolen – CT State Police Troopers Tased Him – Gets In CT State Police Car – Breaks Shifter – TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE – Arrested

April 19, 2022


A Hebron man who state police say stole a tow truck and then attempted to steal a police cruiser to escape after troopers located him faces several charges.

The man, William Patterson-Hatem, 22, of 661 Wall St., was charged April 11 with three counts of attempted second-degree assault with a motor vehicle, interfering with police, two counts of attempted first-degree larceny, and one count of first-degree criminal mischief.

He is being held in lieu of bond totaling $150,000 and is to appear in Vernon Superior Court on May 4.

A state police report about the arrest provides the following details:

Troopers were dispatched to Wall Street in Hebron to recover a tow truck stolen from Manchester. The truck had a GPS device, and its owner reported Wall Street as the truck’s last known location.

Troopers located the truck, and Patterson-Hatem, at the property, and the man ran into the woods, where he jumped into a body of water. Patterson-Hatem eventually got out of the water, but then tried to run away again.

Troopers attempted to stop him with a stun gun, but it was ineffective. Patterson-Hatem next tried to enter a state police cruiser. He was unsuccessful with the first, but ran to another and was able to get inside.

A trooper was right behind him and managed to hold the door open as Patterson-Hatem tried to put the vehicle in drive. Another stun gun was deployed, but that one didn’t work either.

Patterson-Hatem ended up breaking the gear shift and was taken into custody after fighting with troopers for a few more minutes.

 — Matthew P. Knox