4/15/21 Little Rock, AR – Man Just Released From Jail – Steals Little Rock Police Car From Sally Port Area In Front Of Jail – Pursuit – Captured – Back To Jail

April 15, 2021


Little Rock police say a 2018 Ford Explorer patrol vehicle was stolen while parked at the county jail. It was recovered undamaged in North Little Rock and an arrest was made.

The theft occurred about 2:40 a.m. this morning.

Officer Chad Glover reported that he went to the county jail on Roosevelt Road to assist in booking a prisoner. He parked on the south side of the jail near the sally port. When he returned to the parking place, the vehicle was gone.

The police tracked the vehicle to 6301 Camp Robinson Road, North Little Rock, parked in front of a building in the apartment project. A suspect, Cordell Coleman, 33, was taken into custody there. It developed that Coleman had been the last person released from the jail. Video surveillance showed him entering the vehicle and driving away.

Glover said the vehicle appeared undamaged. He said when he took Coleman into custody for felony theft, he was “placed in handcuffs, double locked and checked for tightness.”