4/11/22 Nashville, TN – 18 Year Old With Firearm Attempted To Break Into A Nashville Unmarked Police Car – Detectives Were In The Police Car – Suspect Ran – Dropped Firearm – Charged With Trying To Steal The Police Car

April 11, 2022


Nashville’s Lamarion Buchanan, 18, was arrested on Saturday for attempting to break into an unmarked police car, unaware that the detective was still in the driver’s seat.

Violent Crimes Initiative detectives were in the area of 6th Avenue North and Monroe Street at 10:15 p.m. when they saw Buchanan in the gravel lot, looking into parked cars and pulling on door handles.

When Buchanan reached the detective’s vehicle, he pulled on the rear and driver’s side door handles before realizing the car was occupied.

He ran away, but was taken into custody shortly after.

Detectives also recovered a .380 caliber pistol that Buchanan dropped before he was caught and arrested. The gun had been reported stolen on April 4 from an unlocked car parked on Hume Street.

Metro Nashville Police Department reinforced that Nashvillians are strongly encouraged to lock their car doors, secure valuables and remove the keys. Nearly 70% of all guns reported stolen in 2022 so far were taken from vehicles.

Buchanan was charged with attempted burglary of a motor vehicle, theft of a firearm and evading arrest. He is free on a $12,500 bond.