3/5/20 North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA – Metro Transit Supervisor SUV Stolen – Chase With LAPD Helicopter To North Hollywood Area – Standoff – Captured

March 5, 2020


A driver in a stolen Metro transit SUV was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase from the Westlake district to the North Hollywood area.

The chase started just before 11 p.m. in the Westlake district of Los Angeles. The driver led police on a high-speed chase, at times keeping the lights blacked out, driving along the 170 Freeway and then onto surface streets in the North Hollywood area.

The white Ford Explorer had the logo of a Metro supervisor on the side door.

Eventually the driver stopped after pulling into a strip mall with a 7-Eleven at Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Vanowen Street in North Hollywood.

But while the driver’s path was not blocked, the vehicle stopped. Police ordered the driver to exit, but the person did not comply or exit the vehicle.

After a standoff that lasted about 20 minutes, officers tried firing non-lethal rounds into the vehicle. At that point, the SUV took off again at a fast clip.

But the new chase didn’t last long. It appeared the vehicle earlier had run over a spike strip and was driving on damaged tires.

The driver soon pulled over and exited the vehicle, surrendering to officers without further incident.