3/4/22 Corvallis, OR – Man On Meth Jumps Into Running Corvallis Police Car Where Police And Sheriffs Cars Are Parked – Puts Vehicle In Gear – Taser And Fought The Whole Time

March 4, 2022


A man was arrested on Friday after Corvallis police say he climbed up a building, jumped into a running police vehicle and then tried to steal it.

Police believe Cody Boudreaux, 30, was under the influence of a methamphetamine-like substance at the time of the incident.

It started just before 3:30 a.m. near the Law Enforcement Center on NW 5th Street. Officers responded to reports of a man screaming in the bushes and reportedly found Boudreaux in the area where police and sheriff’s vehicles are parked. Police said this area is for authorized personnel only.

Boudreaux allegedly told officers he was “getting high,” and police said he ran off into an alley. That’s when he reportedly scaled the side of a building, ran across a roof, jumped off and ran at a Corvallis police vehicle.

The officer got out of the car and tried to stop the suspect, but he jumped into the running vehicle through an open window, police said. After being pulled out of the car, Boudreaux resisted arrest and pushed the officer to the ground, according to authorities. He’s accused of getting back into the vehicle and putting it into gear.

Before Boudreaux could get away in the vehicle, police used a Taser to take him into custody, officials said.

Boudreaux was taken to the Benton County Jail on charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, second-degree escape, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle, second-degree criminal trespass and resisting arrest.