3/28/23 Lunenburg, VT – Man Swinging A Machete Call – Essex County Sheriff’s Deputy Responded – Man Escaped His Restraints And Fled In The Police Cruiser – Cruiser Was Found Later On Maillett Road Damaged – Search Found Suspect In Woods – Captured

March 28, 2023


A Vermont man was arrested after he was accused of escaping custody and stealing a police cruiser in a town bordering New Hampshire.

Authorities said the Essex County Sheriff’s Department responded to an incident Friday on River Road in Lunenburg, Vermont, for a man swinging a machete at people.

Based on statements from the people involved, Jeremy Way, 51, of Lunenburg, Vermont, was arrested. He was handcuffed and placed in the police cruiser, authorities said.

While a deputy was getting evidence and written statements, Way allegedly escaped his restraints and fled with the police cruiser. The cruiser was found on Maillett Road in Lunenburg a short time later, which sustained damage, authorities said.

Officers from Vermont Fish and Wildlife, Vermont State Police, Lyndonville Police Department and other members of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department searched for Way, who was found in the woods near the cruiser and arrested again.