3/18/21 Tulsa, OK – Police Officer’s House Broken Into – Keys To Unmarked Police Car Stolen From Countertop – Search For Stolen Police Car With Weapons

March 18, 2021


Tulsa Police are searching for an unmarked police car that was stolen from an officer’s driveway overnight.

Police said someone broke into the officer’s home, then stole the keys and took off in the car. Their big concern is tracking down the car and securing the weapons inside.

Police say the officer woke up at around 2:45am and heard his car door closing, so he walked out and saw someone driving off in his car. Then, he noticed his front door was unlocked and the car keys were missing off the counter.

Police say their number one concern right now is finding the car, because there are weapons and police equipment inside.

“It’s always concerning. We just want to make sure those weapons or that equipment that is out there is not being used in any kind of way,” said Officer Andre Baul with Tulsa Police.

If you have any information or see the car, call 911.

The car is a 2020 Black Ford Escape that is unmarked and has a paper tag.