3/11/21 Omaha, NE – Man Steals Omaha Police Car – 70 MPH Pursuit Downtown – Man Interrupted Police Radio Communications – Tires Deflated – Pepper balls – Captured

March 11, 2021


 A man who led Omaha Police on a high-speed chase after stealing an OPD vehicle Thursday morning is in police custody.

According to an OPD news release Thursday afternoon, 24-year-old Victor Inigo of Omaha was in custody following the earlier events.

OPD said the incident started when a woman called police about a man chasing her in a car. Officers were able to track the man down in the area of 10th Street and Abbott Drive.

Authorities then say he got out of the car, got naked, and started jumping on other vehicles — including a semi — and breaking parts off them.

According to the official OPD report, officers responded to a call at 5:15 a.m. Thursday of a naked man running in the street, damaging vehicles. Upon arrival at the scene, officers say the man standing on top of a semi-tractor-trailer, the report states.

Officers tried to subdue the man but he got away, jumping from the tractor-trailer. He then hopped into a police cruiser and drove off.

OPD chased him through the north downtown area, where they say he reached speeds of up to 70mph and hit several cars. The man was using the police radio during the chase, so other officers had trouble communicating with each other.

Officers were able to deflate the vehicle’s tires near 60th and Lake streets, bringing the vehicle to a stop. The man refused to get out, police said, and kept revving the engine.

OPD said officers were forced to use pepper balls to get him under control, firing through the car window so the pepper dust would get on him. OPD said the man wasn’t hit with the pepper balls.

The man was taken into custody and then to Nebraska Medical Center for evaluation. He will go to jail on multiple charges after the evaluation, police said.

Officers told 6 News they believe the man was under the influence of drugs.

No officers were injured in the chase.