2/19/22 Southfield, MI – Stolen Vehicle Stop – Officer Hit Stolen Vehicle To Stop It – Suspect Ran – Doubled Back – Steals Patrol Car – High Speed – Crashes Into Another Patrol Car – 2 Officers Injured – Captured

February 19, 2022


The Southfield Police Department said a routine traffic stop got out of hand and resulted in a man being involved in a chase after stealing a police car.

On Saturday afternoon, an officer tried to stop someone in a stolen car on Winchester Road near Lahser.

The officer intentionally hit the driver to better stop it. The driver got out, started running and the officer chased him. Police said the suspect doubled back, hopped in the patrol car and drove away.

That driver didn’t get far. Another officer intentionally hit the driver in the stolen police car on the same road but near Evergreen Road.

The car spun out into the front yard of a home.

The suspect was arrested and later taken to the hospital out of precaution after being in two accidents.

Two officers were treated for minor injuries.