2/19/21 Pasadena, CA – Naked Man On PCP Assaults Girlfriend – Steals College City Police Car – High Speed Through Red Lights – Down Wrong Ways – Slams into Building – Captured

February 19, 2021


A naked man suspected of being high on PCP led police on a wild pursuit before crashing into a building Thursday night shortly before 11 p.m. after he stole a Pasadena City College police vehicle and raced along nearby streets.

Pasadena police Lt. Anthony Burgress said PCC police requested city police assistance at 10:47 p.m. after they confronted the man in the 1100 block of East Colorado Blvd.

As Pasadena police officers arrived they saw the suspect driving off in a PCC police cruiser, Burgess said.

The suspect drove at a high rate of speed and went through red lights for several blocks before driving the wrong way on E. Green Street and finally slamming into a building in the 1200 block.

A news video crew said that “the suspect tried to turn a corner too fast and hit the front of a building, disabling the car.”

The suspect was screaming and struggling with police and paramedics while being treated, the news crew said. They also said officers deployed a spit hood on the suspect.

Burgess identified the suspect as 45-year-old Shawn Aguilar, a transient. He said Aguilar’s girlfriend said that Aguilar had ingested PCP and then attacked her prior to stealing the police car.

The girlfriend is a 24 woman from Highland Park, Burgess said.

Aguilar was taken to a local hospital for observation after being detained, Burgess said.

Burgess said he will be arrested and booked for grand theft auto, domestic violence, numerous traffic infractions, and felony evading.