2/17/21 Spokane, WA – Woman Deliberately Crashes Into Gas Station Gas Pump Trying To Set It On Fire – Also Tried To Steal Police Car – Captured – Arrested

February 17, 2021


44-year-old Pearl Shamara is facing multiple charges tonight after Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies say she stole a truck, crashed into a gas pump, tried to light it on fire, and then tried to steal a Cheney Police cruiser.

According to deputies, Shamara’s eventful evening started Friday afternoon at a Spokane car dealership. Deputies say she stole a truck and led police on a short chase, but they terminated it due to safety.

Around 4pm Friday afternoon, law enforcement got a call about a woman who crashed into a gas tank off the Four Lakes exit near Cheney. Video shows her crashing into the pump, then backing up and running over it again. Deputies then say, armed with a knife, she went into the gas station and stole some lighters, telling employees she was going to light the place on fire. Surveillance video shows her trying to do just that. According to employees, when gas pumps are damaged like this there is an automatic emergency shut off, which prevented gas from spilling and prevented her from lighting anything on fire.

Deputies say she then locked herself in the stolen truck and would not come out, even as they surrounded her vehicle. Deputies ultimately fired a beanbag into the window of the truck, which shattered it. Surveillance shows Shamara getting out of the stolen truck, and running to a Cheney Police vehicle. They believe she was planning to steal that, however, a law enforcement officer was able to get his rifle in the door to prevent it from closing. They were then able to pull her out of the vehicle and take her into custody.

Shamara was taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure, but will be booked into the Spokane County Jail on a variety of felony charges.