2/16/22 Covington, TN – Police Are At Fire Scene Rescuing People From Fire – Man Steals Police Car – BOLO – Found At Gas Station – Suspect Fights Before Captured

February 16, 2022


A man is behind bars after police say he stole a cop car while officers were responding to a house fire in Covington Wednesday.

Interim police chief Jack Howell said emergency crews quickly responded to a fire that broke out at a home on Stone Avenue in Covington early Wednesday

He says a woman and her 27-year-old grandson, Shaquille Foster, were both removed from the house.

Chief Howell said a short time later they noticed one of their squad cars was gone, claiming Foster got in one of the vehicles while it was running and took off.

He says no weapons were in the vehicle.

A BOLO – or a “Be on the lookout” alert was issued for the stolen car, and Howell says it was located by Shelby County deputies at a gas station on Highway 14 and Bolen Huse road.

According to a report, Foster refused to comply with deputies orders to put his hands in the air. 

Deputies say Foster yelled “You are just going to have to shoot me” several times. 

As officers tried to take Foster into custody, reports say he struck and pushed deputies several times. 

Once in handcuffs, he was taken to Regional One for medical clearance before being transported to jail. 

We spoke to a family member who did not want to go on camera but told us that the suspect has struggled with mental illness for quite some time. So, it’s still unclear why he stole the car or where he was trying to go.

Foster is charged with theft, resisting official detention, disorderly conduct, evading arrest, and assault.