2/15/20 Hanceville, AL – Burglary Suspect Fled On Foot – Doubled Back And Stole A Hanceville Police Cruiser – 25 Minute Pursuit – Crashed Into Telephone Pole – Captured

February 15, 2020


A suspect in a stolen police vehicle investigation is being checked out at a hospital after driving off in an unattended police vehicle.

Around 6:30 p.m., Hanceville police received an alarm call from a possible burglary in process. Once officers arrived, the suspects at the location fled the area.

One of the suspects fled through a wooded area and came across one of the Hanceville police cruisers of the officers at the scene, Hanceville Police Chief Bob Long said. The cruiser doors were locked, but the driver’s side window was cracked open enough that he was able to reach inside and unlock the door.

He stole the police car and took Highway 31 southbound down into Garden City, Long reports. He was able to evade officers for about 25 minutes and Hanceville Police lost contact with the suspect and the police cruiser.

The suspect then doubled back and drove up Highway 31 northbound and made it to the city of Cullman. Once in Cullman, the suspect was greeted by Cullman County Sheriff’s deputies, Cullman police officers and state troopers.

Chief Long says while trying to get away from law enforcement, he drove into a telephone pole. He exited through the passenger window and attempted to escape before being apprehended by a Cullman police officer.

The mayor has identified the suspect as Robert Adams.

Adams was transported to Cullman Regional Medical Center, then transferred to law enforcement’s custody. At this time, the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office will take over the investigation.