12/5/19 Eastlake, OH – Prisoner In Jail Cell At Police Station Escaped Cell – He Saw The Code To The Sallyport Used – Man Then Uses The Code To Steal Police Car Out Of The Sallyport – Escaped With The Marked Vehicle – Captured Later

December 5, 2019


A man was taken into custody after he stole a police cruiser Thursday, Eastlake police said.

Sources first told the FOX 8 I-Team an inmate stole the cruiser, which was later found at E 187th, off of St. Clair in Cleveland.

Our cameras caught who appeared to be the suspect being taken into custody nearby.

On Thursday afternoon, Eastlake police gave more details about how the man was able to escape.

They said at around 11:30 a.m.,  a prisoner, identified as Joey Moran, was being placed back into a cell. He was able to get out as it was closing and into an open cell.

The officer in charge was dealing with “administrative matters with court” and waiting on paperwork.

The inmate was able, at some point during his stay, to see the code punched in to get in and out of the doors; he punched in the code and unsecured the garage door.

At that point he was able to take a cruiser and he drove away from the police station.

“He, obviously, exposed some holes in our system; not one of our best days,” police said.  They will be looking at their policies again after this happened. They pointed out Moran was never a danger to the public and does not have a violent history.

Police said he has a history with drugs and said Moran was a “thief of opportunity.”

He was in jail for grand theft auto and burglary.

Police said they used location devices to help track down Moran.

He now faces charges of escape and stealing a cruiser.