12/30/20 Oglesby, IL – Investigation Of RV At Illinois Valley Community College – Man Exits RV And Fired On Oglesby Police – Steals Squad Car – Squad Car Disabled With Flat Tire – Suspect Found Injured In Area Of Bridge – Head Wound Graze Injury – Captured

December 30, 2020


Oglesby police officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect Tuesday after an investigation of an RV that was parked at Illinois Valley Community College around 8 PM.  The LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office say that 35-year-old Peter Douglas Bergsma, possibly from Michigan, allegedly pulled a semi-automatic pistol after he exited the RV and began firing.  Officers returned fire and took cover, however the suspect reportedly drove off in an Oglesby police car and left the campus.   The vehicle was located by responding law enforcement agencies in a residential area abandoned with a damaged tire and busted windows due to gunfire.   Bergsma was spotted on foot near the Shippingsport Bridge and stopped when told to by officers.   He was taken to IVCH with a head wound described as being a graze injury from a bullet.   LaSalle County State’s Attorney Todd Martin said charges are pending, and that multiple agencies are involved in the investigation.   Bergsma is currently being held at the LaSalle County Jail.