12/12/23 Harriman, TN – Suspect Apprehended In Back Of Police Car – Gets Into Front Seat And Drives Off – Chase – Nearly Strikes 4 Civilian Vehicles – Crash – Apprehended Again

December 12, 2023


On December 12, 2023, officers with the Harriman Police Department spotted a person wanted for felony warrants out of Roane County. Officers attempted to contact the suspect, Timothy Andrew McDavid, 38 years old, from Harriman, TN. McDavid ran from officers but was ultimately apprehended after a physical altercation after running into an abandoned house. Officers handcuffed McDavid behind his back and placed Mr. McDavid into a marked Harriman Police vehicle. While discussing the next steps in the investigation, officers heard the siren of the patrol vehicle sound. McDavid moved his handcuffs to the front, damaged the rear sliding partition of the patrol vehicle, got into the driver’s seat of the patrol vehicle, and took off at a high rate of speed.

Officers pursued McDavid in the marked Harriman Police vehicle. McDavid
nearly struck at least four civilian vehicles in his flight from law enforcement. McDavid ultimately crashed the marked Harriman Police vehicle into a creek at Interstate 40 and Highway 27. After crashing the vehicle, McDavid ran from the vehicle again and had to be apprehended afteranother brief physical altercation.

McDavid was transported to Roane Medical Center for medical treatment following the crash.Additional charges are pending against Timothy Andrew McDavid following the incident in addition to the felony warrants which were already outstanding.