11/30/21 Calumet City, IL – Carjacking In Progress At Gas Station – Calumet Police Arrive – 1 Of 4 Armed Men Steals A Police Car – Drove Towards Chicago – Police Car Found Abandoned – Escaped

November 30, 2021


An attempted carjacking Tuesday morning led to the theft of a Calumet City police car, which was recovered within minutes, a city official said.

Calumet City spokesman Sean Howard said police were alerted to a possible carjacking in progress at 6:25 a.m. Tuesday at a gas station on Sibley Boulevard near the Bishop Ford Freeway.

When police arrived, Howard said, four armed men scattered in different directions. One of them returned to the gas station, got into an unoccupied police car and drove off heading north on the Bishop Ford Freeway toward Chicago.

Police pursued the car, using a tracking device, and within 20 minutes found it abandoned near 99th Street and Green Street on Chicago’s South Side.

Howard said there was no damage to the car or its equipment.

Howard said the investigation was continuing Tuesday afternoon and all four suspects remained at large.

“It was good that the (police) swarmed in,” Howard said. “The chief (of police, Kevin Kolosh) and mayor (Thaddeus Jones) are happy we potentially saved a life.”