10/24/22 Springfield, MA – Four Teenagers Are Being Investigated For A Stolen Springfield Police Cruiser From The Rear Of The Police Station – Police Cruiser Found Crashed

October 24, 2022


Four teenagers are being investigated for a possible connection to a stolen Springfield Police Department cruiser late last week.

Springfield Police spokesperson Ryan Walsh said that police responded to the intersection of Bowdoin and Lincoln Streets on Friday night for a crash involving a cruiser. He added that the cruiser had been stolen from the rear lot of Springfield Police headquarters on Pearl Street a short time before the crash.

Four juvenile suspects, ranging in ages from 14 to 16, fled the area, but were arrested Saturday night in the area of Hampden Street. The suspects were allegedly attempting to break into vehicles and a key to the cruiser was reportedly recovered from one of the suspects.

“Obviously, there’s a little bit of heightened awareness in this vicinity over the weekend, and officers saw some individuals who turned out to be juveniles in this area and breaking into cars downtown,” Walsh told us. “They detained them, and from one of those individuals, they found a cruiser key. There has not been any charges yet for the stolen cruiser and the subsequent crash, but our detective bureau is actively investigating it.”

Because of the suspect’s ages, their names will not be released.

An investigation is ongoing by the Springfield Police Detective Bureau.