10/17/19 Jefferson County, MS – Stepson Of Retired State Trooper Takes His Car And Crashes – Then Carjacks Civilian At Gunpoint – Crashes 2nd Car – Suspect Steals Jefferson Patrol Car – Tries To Run Over Deputy With Patrol Car – SHOT AND KILLED

October 17, 2019


 The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is investigating after a man was killed in an officer involved shooting in Jefferson County.

Coroner Kendrick Rickey McDonald has identified the victim as 21-year-old Cameron Bennett of Fayette.

Bennett was shot and killed after the incident on Highway 28.

Sheriff Peter Walker says that Bennett took a car belonging to his stepfather who is a retired state trooper.

Two people who were passing by at the time stopped to check on Bennett.

He then took one of their cars at gunpoint, drove it further down the road and crashed that car as well.

Bennett then ran away from the scene. He was spotted a short time later by a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy. Walker says he somehow got into her vehicle and the deadly shots were fired.