10/15/23 Milwaukee, WI – Same Suspect Stole Two Different Police Cars Within Months Of Each Other – Arrested – Facing Multiple Charges

October 15, 2023


Prosecutors said a man stole a police car after he was pulled over, and just a few months later, he did it again.

The first incident happened in December 2022 when Milwaukee police officers were making a traffic stop.

From released dashcam footage you see the squad car drive right by the officer.

Just moments later, from inside the squad car, you can here the suspect laughing and a call for backup come in over the radio.

“Looks like somebody just stole my vehicle,” said the officer who had his car stolen.

“Did you say your vehicle?” said a responding officer.

Back in the squad car, you can see the driver run a stop sign, swerve around another car, and then speed over a speed bump.

The suspect then ditches the car and runs into an alley. Officers then found him hiding in a trash can in the alley.

He was later identified as Daniel Barton.

After this, just months later, Barton was accused of stealing another squad car during a traffic stop.

“Is that your squad [car]?” one officer asks.

The two officers then turned around to see that Barton had again taken their car.

He was arrested only 10 minutes later.

Barton is now facing charges for both squad car thefts, the charges are both misdemeanors.