10/15/19 Dibble, OK – 3 Stolen Patrol Cars In One Incident – Chase Of Stolen Vehicle Crashed Into Pond – Suspect In Cuffs Steals Dibble Police Car – Runs On Foot – Steals The McClain Co. Undersheriff’s Car – Suspect Runs And Steals Third Patrol Car – Tactical Move – Stopped

October 15, 2019


Several police and sheriff’s departments were involved in a chase that resulted in stolen police units through Pottawatomie and McClain counties.

According to the Purcell Police Department, Leviticus Johnson first got into a chase with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office for driving a stolen vehicle.

The Dibble Police Department and McClain County Sheriff’s Office got in on the chase to assist, PPD said.

Johnson crashed the stolen car into a pond and tried to run, police said.

Officers were able to catch Johnson and placed him in the back of a Dibble police car.

Police said Johnson was able to get his handcuffs in front of him, climb over the gun rack in the police car to get in the front seat, and steal the car.

Johnson didn’t get very far thanks to the kill switch on the Dibble police units, stopping the car once it got too far away.

Johnson then took off on foot and circled back to the original scene and stole the McClain County undersheriff’s car, police said.

Police said Johnson ended up in Purcell, ditched the undersheriff’s car and was trying to find another car to steal.

After getting a suspicious person call, a Purcell officer arrived on scene, and Johnson took off running.

According to police, Johnson doubled back and stole the Purcell officer’s car and took off yet again.

A second officer was made aware of the situation and was able to perform a tactical move and stop Johnson on Interstate 35 near Johnson Avenue.

Johnson was finally secured and is currently being held in the McClain County Jail.