10/15/19 Castroville, CA – Monterey County Sheriff’s Patrol Car Stolen From Behind Gas Station – Patrol Car Was Locked And Running – Deputy Inside Gas Station – Broken Window – Suspect Now In Front Of Building – Captured

October 15, 2019


A San Jose man is behind bars after the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office said he stole a patrol vehicle at a gas station in Castroville.

The Sheriff’s Office said a deputy stopped at a gas station on Sanchez and MerrittĀ Street and parked in the back. He left the car idling because they have fobs, but the doors were locked.

While the deputy was inside, he said a personĀ came in to tell him someone was driving his car. The deputy said he went outside and saw that his patrol car was now at the front of the business and a man was sitting in the front seat.

The Sheriff’s Office said they believe the suspect, Charles Davis, broke a window to get in. He is facing vehicle theft and vandalism charges.