10/13/21 Holden, ME – Wanted Man Arrested – Drugs And Paraphernalia Found In Vehicle – Man Put In Back Of Police Cruiser – He Somehow Ended Taking Off In The Cruiser – Man Re-apprehended Down The Road

October 13, 2021



A wanted man arrested in Holden Tuesday night allegedly briefly stole a police cruiser before being arrested again.

Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley says one of his officers noticed a vehicle driving into the parking lots of closed businesses Tuesday night and began to investigate. After running the license plate, the officer turned on their blue lights and approached the vehicle on Copeland Hill Road.

There, the officer identified the driver as Matthew S. Smullen, 40, of Orland. Police say Smullen has been a wanted man. He had a woman and children in the car. The officer then discovered what appeared to be drugs and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

The officer arrested Smullen and placed him in the back of his police cruiser with the assistance of Penobscot County deputies.

While the officer and deputies discussed how to assist the woman and children, the cruiser took off.

One of the Penobscot County deputies was able to go after the vehicle and re-apprehend Smullen.

He was then taken into custody is currently being held at the Penobscot County Jail.

Greeley mentioned the divider between the back and front of the cruiser has a very small opening.