10/12/21 North Randall, OH – Man Steals North Randall Police Car – Found Abandoned By GPS In Cleveland – Shotgun And AR15 Found – Felony Warrant – He Escaped

October 12, 2021



Investigators in North Randall are trying to find the suspect who stole a police vehicle last weekend. 

According to police, Christopher Volk was one of two suspects being detained on Saturday. Volk was able to climb from the back seat of the cruiser to the front of the car and drive away.

Using GPS technology, officers were able to track the stolen police vehicle to the East 55th Street/Broadway Avenue area of Cleveland. Members of the Cleveland Division of Police assisted North Randall officers in recovering the undamaged police cruiser. 

North Randall police say Volk fled the scene before the stolen cruiser was found. However, all of the car’s contents were found intact, including a shotgun and an AR-15 patrol rifle. 

A felony warrant has been issued for Christopher Volk. Volk also has a felony warrant from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office. 

This is a developing story. Stay with 3News for more details as they become available.