1/8/21 Ottawa County, OH – Woman Steals Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Car At Accident Scene With Stolen Vehicle – Crashed The Patrol Car And Stole A Third Vehicle That Stopped To Help – She Escaped

January 8, 2021


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a woman on the run, after she stole three vehicles, including a county patrol car.

On Dec. 12, deputies chased a woman, later identified as Deztaney Spencer, driving in a stolen, orange Dodge Charger. Spencer reportedly crashed the Charger and then stole the deputy’s patrol vehicle while he was trying to help the passenger who was injured in the accident.

Spencer then allegedly crashed the patrol vehicle and when a passerby stopped to make sure things were OK, deputies said she stole the passerby’s vehicle as well.

The sheriff’s office released striking photos and video of the event on Friday.

Spencer still is not in custody. She was last seen in a 1999 Blue Dodge truck, with the Ohio license plate number HHX6556. Spencer was believed to be headed toward the Toledo area.