1/4/21 Laurens County, GA – Pursuit Of Stolen Telfair County Sheriff’s Patrol Car At 2 AM Into Laurens County – Pit Maneuver – Crash – 1 Captured – 1 Escaped

January 4, 2021


The man that investigators are looking for has been identified as Walker Jackson.

Deputies say he is around 5’5″ tall and is possibly in the area of 441S and I-16.

One person is arrested and the hunt is on for another Monday morning near Dublin after they crashed a stolen sheriff’s car. 

In a Facebook post, Laurens County Sheriff Larry Dean said his deputies used a PIT maneuver to spin out a stolen Telfair County Sheriff’s car.

It happened just after 2 a.m. on 441 South near Campground Road. 

The two people in the stolen sheriff’s car ran off. 

In a 5 a.m. update, Dean said one person has been arrested, but the second person is still on the run.

The sheriff is asking anyone who lives around Campground Road to lock their doors, secure their cars, and call 911 if they see anyone who looks suspicious.