1/26/24 Miramar, FL – Suspicious Person Banging On A Door – Confronted By Officers – Tasers Used – No Effect – Suspect Jumps In Patrol Car – Crashed Into Gate – Heavy Damage – Taken Into Cusody

January 26, 2024


A suspect was taken into custody after he stole and crashed a Miramar Police cruiser early Friday, officials said.

The incident unfolded shortly before 2 a.m. when officers responded to the 12000 block of Southwest 26th Street for a 911 call about a suspicious person banging on a door, Miramar Police officials said.

The suspect rushed at officers and threatened them, officials said. The officers used multiple Tasers on the suspect but they had no effect, officials said.

The suspect managed to break free and get into the driver seat of a patrol car and flee, but he crashed into a gate, immobilizing the car, officials said.

Footage from the scene showed the marked police car heavily damaged and the gate it crashed into destroyed.

Officers took the suspect into custody and brought him to Memorial Regional Hospital for an evaluation.

Police later identified him as 40-year-old Marques Johnson. They haven’t said what charges he’ll face.

No officers or civilians were injured in the incident.