1/19/20 Prince George’s County, MD – Man Under Arrest In Handcuffs Steals Prince George’s County Police Car – Hits Many Civilian Cars – Crashed Patrol Car – Foot Pursuit – Captured

January 19, 2020


Shortly after being arrested for domestic assault, a Greenbelt man was arrested after he stole a police cruiser and crashed it after a short pursuit, according to Prince George’s County Police.

On January 18, officers responded to the 2300 block of University Boulevard for a domestic dispute. When they arrived, officers observed physical bruising on the victim’s face and arrested Hakim for domestic assault.

The 43-year-old man was taken to the Department of Corrections (DOC) in Hyattsville for processing, but it was determined he would need to instead be brought to DOC in Upper Marlboro due to an underlying medical issue.


The arresting officer brought Hakim back to his cruiser which was parked in a sally port outside of the Hyattsville DOC. Hakim was handcuffed, and the officer secured him in a seatbelt in the front passenger seat. He then turned the vehicle on and kept the engine running in order to keep Hakim warm.

The officer then asked a fellow officer who was nearby in her cruiser to monitor Hakim to allow for the arresting officer to go briefly back inside of DOC.

While the officer was inside, the second officer checked on Hakim after noticing that Hakim was moving in his seat. Hakim told the officer his handcuffs were too tight, according to Prince George’s County Police.

After checking the cuffs, the officer adjusted them and then resecured Hakim back into his seat. Moments later, Hakim managed to get into the driver’s seat of the cruiser and put the vehicle into gear. The second officer tried to open a door to stop Hakim, but it was locked. Hakim struck a brick wall and sped away.


Prince George’s County Police, along with the assistance of the Hyattsville City Police Department, began to pursue Hakim. During the pursuit, Hakim struck several cars before eventually crashing the cruiser at a park near 24th Avenue and Lyndon Street.

Then, Hakim took off on foot. Officers were eventually able to capture and arrest him on 19th Avenue. He still had on the handcuffs but had managed to slip his arms around to the front of his body.

There were no injuries during the altercation or pursuit.


“I am proud of the lengths to which my officers went to demonstrate their compassion to a sick individual they had arrested for a violent act on a cold day. It is always discouraging when an individual exploits kindness to commit more violence and endanger more people. Due to his actions, my agency is now reviewing the practice of leaving a cruiser running for any reason at all,” said Chief Hank Stawinski.

In addition to the original domestic-related charge, Hakim is now also facing assault, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, unauthorized removal of a motor vehicle, motor vehicle theft, second-degree escape, and theft as well as traffic offenses.