1/10/20 Albuquerque, NM – Woman Attacked A Police Officer While Trying To Steal A Car At A Dealership – Woman Steals Officer’s Patrol Car – Chase – PIT Manuever – Damage – Captured

January 10, 2020


New video shows a woman attack an Albuquerque officer then taking off in the police unit.

The dramatic video shows an officer responding to reports of a woman stealing a car from a dealership, before getting attacked. Markeda Rivera is the woman who took off in the car.

The video taken from across the street shows the scene.

Minutes before the incident, she’s also accused of causing a scene inside one dealership.

Witness: “Punched one of the guys, pushed another guy. And then she was about to leave, ran into our office and snatched the keys from my desk. And took a vehicle that was parked right here.”

The employees say she almost hit one of them and left driving backward.

Witness: “I’m telling you she can drive.”

The employees from a neighboring dealership said she showed up there.

Witness: “She ran into the showroom…we were chasing her down the hallway and she hit one of our employees.”

Employees told the officer she came inside acting belligerent.

Witness: “She started saying that she owns the place…this and that. We get her out of the showroom, she started hitting, she hit this car, she stabbed it with a key and hit the windshield.”

The responding officer found Rivera on the median on Lomas. She was also confronted with her out of control behavior when Rivera hit her and took off in her car.

Officer: “We’re chasing her right now.”

It took a PIT maneuver to stop Rivera and the stolen cruiser near Wellesley and Menaul. Rivera is also facing battery charges from February where she’s accused of plowing into a group of people with her car downtown.

A judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation before the case moves forward.