August 15, 2019

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said it got a call about a reckless driver around 6 p.m. A deputy in the area of I-95 and the off ramp to State Road 16 was on the look-out for the vehicle. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspected vehicle drove alongside of the deputy’s vehicle when the driver locked up the brakes and the car slide to a stop. A passenger in the vehicle got out of the vehicle and ran the opposite direction, according to SJSO. The other individual in the car got out of the car and the deputy noticed this individual was injured and covered in blood, according to SJSO. The Sheriff’s Office said the deputy tried to offer the injured person assistance when the individual became combative. The person then ran into traffic and tried to steal a car that was stopped in traffic, SJSO said. 

The Sheriff’s Office said the deputy tried to stop the individual, who became more confrontational. The deputy deployed a stun gun, but it was unsuccessful to stop the individual. The deputy attempted to handcuff the individual, when an off-duty Lt. arrived at the scene, according to SJSO. The off-duty Lt. went to the back of his unmarked SUV to get additional equipment to help secure the individual, when the person broke free from the deputy, SJSO said. 

The Sheriff’s Office said the individual then got into the off-duty Lt.’s unmarked vehicle and fled down I-95 on the southbound side. There was a high speed chase that ended with the use of a pit maneuver, according to SJSO. 

The Sheriff’s Office said that during the investigation it learned the individual was involved in multiple felony incidents in Jacksonville. The Sheriff’s Office said the individuals injuries the deputy observed are believed to have been sustained in the incidents in Jacksonville and that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will be holding a separate briefing detailing the series of criminal events. 

The individual was taken to a local hospital in critical condition where he was stabilized, according to SJSO.